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AOL FAQs contains all the questions that are frequently asked by the users when they face any issue while using AOL. We communicate with our customer through email for solving the issues of AOL. All the problems occurred while using AOL is being discussed in this article.

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The product and services of AOL are in the field of content, advertising, and membership.

The different brands included in AOL are:-

  • Huffington Post
  • Cambio
  • Autoblog
  • Moviefone
  • Makers
AOL has many media brands and advertising solution. It provides solution across mobile, desktop and T.V.
AOL offers a wide range of products including mobile apps, communication tools, service and subscription tools.

Through AOL Support FAQs, we will discuss all the recently occurred problems. Some of the AOL FAQs are:-

  • How to turn on/off search suggestion?

    • AOL search offers suggestions in the search box. Steps for turning on/off search suggestion Firstly go to the AOL search and then type a keyword and search it. Now tools and then search settings and choose the option according to the requirement.
  • How to use “set my location” option?

    • Firstly go to the AOL search and search any keyword. Then go to the Tool button and settings. In the Location Management section, enter the details of the location you wanted and save the settings.
  • What is Date Range filter?

    • This filter allows us to see the search result that has been updated. This feature is helpful for finding the latest news. You can change the search result according to the requirement in the tool section.

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  • How to set websites to open in new window or new tab?

    • To set the website to open in new window or a new tab, you have to follow some steps.
    • All the changes are made in the tools and setting.
  • Tips for better local search.

    • For finding the local information more efficiently, the more resources are used for this purpose.
    • Nowadays, there are many local search engines available.

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  • How to know we are using an AOL site?

    • Firstly, we have to check the URL of the site. If it ends with, then we are using the right site otherwise not.
    • There should be official logo of the AOL site.
  • How to get MyPrivacy?

    • You have to visit the official site of the AOL and sign-in with master USERNAME or EMAIL and PASSWORD. Locate MyPrivacy and activate it.
  • Why white list request denied?

    • The request is banned due to some reasons:-
    • The request fails IP ownership test.
    • The IP address is blocked.
    • IP has high spam complaint ratio.

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