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October 28, 2017
AOL error loading address book: +18883098698 Tech Support number
October 28, 2017

How to block emails on AOL [+18883098698] Support Number

We all have been fed up with the spam emails we regularly get, that fills up the inbox. AOL gives the authority to filter spam emails, just by blocking them. Let’s see how to block emails on AOL. Even if this doesn’t help, you can contact our AOL customer service 24×7.

Your AOL email account gives you the flexibility of creating folders for storing both personal and business emails and also blocks emails from businesses, individuals, and services. AOL email comes with a feature that allows you to block spam emails without downloading any plug-in or purchasing any individual drivers or accessing any third-party application. You can prevent a maximum of 1000 emails. Apart from this, you also get the scope of unblocking the blocked emails or email addresses as and when required or desired. The blocking feature of AOL email service is accessible by way of the Mail Controls element. 

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According to estimates, a majority of email traffic contains unwanted and unsolicited emails collectively called spam. If you are using AOL email, you always have the option of restricting the amount of unsolicited or unnecessary emails that you get on a regular basis by just blocking the messages that you receive from the addresses that you want to block. You can add a filter in your spam setting, in AOL email settings and block an email address in AOL. So, how do you go about preventing emails on AOL?

How Spam emails can affect you

Spammers usually target individual or a group of users who are particularly active email users. Spam emails consist of a vast waste amount of everyone’s time, and users get frustrating if they get spam emails in a significant amount.

  • Email inbox filled with large number of ridiculous or spam emails
  • Internet speed also degrades to some extent
  • Spammers will steal your details or documents
  • Alters search results while using search engine
  • They provide false information

How to block emails on AOL

Some vital steps need to be followed while trying to block emails on AOL:

  •  You will have to browse to and then log into your mailing account.
  • The next step involves clicking on the “Settings” option that lies in the topmost section of the computer screen.
  • Next, click on “Spam Controls.”
  • Try adding as many email addresses as desired by merely clicking the plus icon one after the other.
  • After clicking on the “Save” option for making all your filter settings permanent.

Wasn’t that easy? Try blocking all spam emails, and don’t let them bother you.

AOL support numbers

Get in touch with AOL customer service number

Email that is considered spam or bothers you come as a threat to any individual or business. A deluge of poor quality mails might disturb you and also hinder you from going through other vital emails at the right time. There are other solutions to AOL mail service error like running a manual virus scan program for which you might require our expert services.

AOL Customer Service

However, there is one easy method to block emails on AOL, and that is by contacting the AOL support department. You can call the executives by dialing  AOL Phone Number +18883098698 or get in touch with then through AOL Online Chat. You can also choose to get our services when it comes to blocking the emails coming from spammers or corrupt sources. Contact AOL, and we will work wonders for you.

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