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October 28, 2017
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October 28, 2017

How to Change AOL password: +18883098698 Tech support number

Changing Passwords can give you a tough time. AOL password Reset by following these steps. If in case, this doesn’t help, you can contact our AOL experts at AOL customer service. Our experts provide you a hassle-free support through our 24X7 Toll-Free number, and through our Online Chat portal.

Your AOL password should serve as your fingerprint meaning it must be uniquely yours. Your AOL password protects your personal AOL account from different unauthorized sources and also serves as your secret identity helping you sign on to different AOL services like AIM and AOL Mail or the AOL software. Keeping your account safe, is the foremost thing one must do. 

AOL Password Recovery

Why Change the AOL Password?

There are generally two situations when an individual wants to change his or her AOL password. One is when an individual forgets his or her AOL password and needs to recover it and the other situation is when the AOL password has been leaked. Many times, users simply want to adhere to the standard protocol of changing passwords periodically and thus they change their AOL passwords. It is always a good practice to change your AOL password every month. It is also recommended that users must create passwords that are minimum eight characters long and also include a proper amalgamation of letters and numbers. Avoid making use of obvious words like the last or first name in their passwords.

How to Change AOL Password

Strong passwords always serve as strong defense tools against potential hackers. The longer the password, the stronger it is. Mix symbols and numbers in your AOL password. You have the option of changing your AOL password as and when required or desired. The steps that can help you in hanging your AOL password go like this:

  • Try signing into your AOL account. ( if you have forgotten your AOL password, simply click “Forgot Password”)
  • The next step will have you answering the Account Security Question

In case, you have forgotten the answer to your Account Security Question, you have to click on Forgot Answer and reset it. Here again, it is important for you to make the choice of a difficult answer. Choose an answer that cannot be guessed by a hacker easily. This serves as your second defense tool against potential hackers. If possible, try mixing numbers and letters in your answer for the Account Security Question.

  • The next step is clicking on Change Password in the Account Security section.

AOL Password Reset

One thing that is noteworthy here is that you have the option of checking your AOL password prior to saving it by clicking on the eye symbol that appears close to the password section. That’s it! You can now access your AOL email account only by using the password that you have newly created.

Contact AOL Tech support

AOL Support

By changing your AOL password on a regular basis, you can easily keep all your online data and information secure. The process to change AOL password is very easy and simple and the best thing is that it comes with a feature that automatically signs out the user currently logged into the account of an individual. This happens immediately after you change your AOL password. The simplest way to get your password changed is by contacting us at our AOL contact number. Our experts at Customer support service provides you with all the solutions you need. Call us now on our AOL customer service number +18883098698 or get in touch with our Online-Chat portal.

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