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October 28, 2017
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October 28, 2017

How to delete AOL account: +18883098698 Support number

Have you ever faced trouble deleting AOL account? AOL Customer service helps you solve all your AOL related problems. Want to delete AOL account or stuck with some other AOL account related stuffContact our experts and get an immediate solution to all your queries.

Unfortunately, it is not very easy and simple to delete an AOL account. This is because there is no service that likes letting go of its subscribers. However, the procedure of deleting an AOL account has been taken to a completely different level by AOL. If experts are to be believed, it is almost impossible for the casual users to even locate the right pages that they need to go through for deleting their AOL accounts. Even if the casual users are successful in doing so, the entire procedure does not seem to be as straightforward as it appears to be.

How to delete AOL account

Therefore, it would always be a good idea for users to contact AOL tech support or the customer care department for getting proper help in this direction. The AOL customer service department can help users by providing them the steps that they need to follow for deleting their AOL accounts. The procedure is not as simple as deleting a Gmail account but it is not impossible either.

Steps to delete AOL account

There are some important steps that the AOL users need to follow when it comes to deleting their AOL account.

  • First of all, they need to open their AOL account page and type their username and password in the fields provided.
  • Next, they need to click on Sign In for logging into their accounts.
  • The next step is typing the answer to the account security question and clocking on Continue for available in Service Options section of the My Accounts page.
  • Click on the Cancel link for canceling or deleting one’s AOL account. Next, the users need to select a valid reason for deleting their AOL accounts from the Please Select Your Reason drop-down menu.
  • The final step involves clicking o the Cancel AOL button provided you are absolutely sure of deleting your AOL account. Following this, the account would be deactivated immediately.

Some important tips

There are some important factors that need to be considered prior to deleting AOL account and they are as follows:

  • Users can delete their AOL accounts only when their accounts are still accessible. This means that if a user has forgotten his or her security question or AOL password, he or she will have to retrieve or reset that information first and then sign into his or her account.
  • Deleting ones AOL account means you no longer have the ability to receive or send messages. It is important for the users to ensure that the AOL email account is no longer used in the form of a primary email address of correspondence for different significant accounts like the accounts held with banks.

AOL customer support number

  • It is also important for the users to note that all AOL premium services connected to their AOL accounts shall immediately be canceled post account deletion.

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In order to ensure that your AOL account is deleted, follow all the steps. Even if, these steps don’t solve your query, contact us at our AOL Support number. Our support team is available 24×7 to guide you because it is our foremost concern. You can contact us through Live- Chat as well. We provide you with the best service. Contact AOL and Call us on AOL customer service number +18883098698. Call us now!

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