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October 28, 2017

How to forward AOL mail to gmail [+18883098698] Tech Support

Sometimes it might get challenging to forward AOL mail to Gmail. To do so, you need to follow the provided steps. To get a better description and understanding of AOL emails, you can get in touch with our AOL Customer  Service experts.

Gmail is the email service available from Google. It can also be described as an essential part of Google Apps suite. Gmail is a very powerful task manager and email for professionals who are into handling small businesses. If you have plans of switching from AOL to Google Apps, then it would be wise for you to leave your personal AOL account active during this phase. You can set up a continuous email forward. By doing so, you will have all your new emails in AOL account getting pushed to your Gmail account. You can do this by merely configuring specific settings in your AOL account.

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How to forward AOL mail to Gmail

When it comes to Gmail, the service provider makes use of two procedures for delivering AOL emails. Both these methods can effectively be used either for consolidating emails or for switching from AOL completely. It is always a good idea to import AOL emails as it helps in introducing the entire mailbox along with the contacts whole forwarding new messages for at least a month. On the other hand, adding AOL account to Gmail will have you sending all new AOL emails to the inbox of your Gmail account.

Importing AOL Emails

  • Importing the copies of the old AOL mailbox to Gmail can help you in closing your AOL email account without going through any hassle and even without taking the risk of losing the mails. This is a procedure that forwards all new messages or mails only for a time span of thirty days.
  • For initiating an import, the gar symbol of Gmail needs to be clicked. Post this; users need to click  “Settings” “Accounts and Import.”
  • The next step would be clicking on “Import Mail and Contacts.” The users need to put in their AOL email address and password for selecting the items that they want to import. There are three checkboxes available on Gmail for importing contacts, new emails and existing messages for a time span of thirty days.  The final step is clicking on “Start Import.”

Checking AOL Mail

  • For reading new AOL emails on Gmail, users need to click on “Add a POP3 Mail Account You Own” in the Accounts and Import settings of Gmail. Dissimilar to importing AOL emails, this procedure forwards AOL mail to Gmail indefinitely.
  • For this, the users just need to enter their AOL email address and then click on Next Step. Here they need to fill in their AOL username and password.
  • Next, they need to check “Label Incoming Messages” for tagging emails that are sent to their AOL email address and for separating them from the Gmail messages.
  • Before clicking on the Add Account button, users need to check Leave a Copy for getting AOL emails both on AOL and Gmail. Users can automatically forward all their emails from AOL to Gmail by following these easy steps that have been mentioned above.

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